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The project is copyrighted to Nexdegree (leading technology company of Pakistan). I worked as Design Consultant for their project of National Heroes Application.


Bring Pakistan National heroes to live. We have been listening to the stories of the people of Pakistan who invested their entire life for the sake of the country. The names were lost somewhere in old books. It is time to relive the memories of these people, their stories and their journeys.


The Application would have to be deployed on a touch-screen interface. The goal was to design the experience in a very interactive yet minimal way that every age group would enjoy interacting with the Heroes.


There were exactly 78 heroes to showcase via the interface. It was very challenging to come-up with an interactive interface that is perfect catch for the audience.

I got the idea of Concept-3 layout while i was playing ‘Street Fighter’ game, I feel it was really easy and fun to interact with the characters. Guess what? client approved the concept.

Great ideas comes at unusual places


During numerous discussions, brainstorming and empathy mapping sessions with the client, it was decided to work on possible positioning of heroes within the selected interface. It was done to make the experience more comfortable, as the interface may be used for prolonged periods of time. Another reason for using this scheme was the the limitation of selected 78 Heroes of Pakistan and providing the visitors a choice to interact with any particular hero with a single tap.


Among the variety of experience the application provides, creating a unique artwork was the toughest part of it. I am glad that Zulfiqar Sajid provided a great sense of direction to the artworks of the design which later applied to individual heroes sketches.


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