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Bring Photos to live. Print it. Frame it. Hang it. We love your photographs as much as you do! Our creative products, vibrant prints, and obsessive attention to detail will always preserve and present your special moments just like the day they were first experienced! Where pictures are your canvas, our stickers help you complete your work of art. Have fun using our custom designed stickers and express yourself freely. Your masterpiece is just a sticker away!


During numerous discussions and brainstorming sessions on the project, it was decided to create a unique layout to customize your pictures. It was done to make using the site more comfortable, as the portal may be used for locals for prolonged periods of time. Another reason for using this scheme was the offerings from pictaktoe were diverse including prints, frame prints, canvas prints, photobooks and magnets, and providing pictaktoe users a choice on the layout color scheme looked resulted a good decision.

Landing Page

Landing Page surely is as important as the user-friendly interface for a website providing this type of service: it needs to explain how exactly the user will benefit from using this product. The task was to showcase the features and offerings from pictaktoe on a single page. It was done to draw the attention to functional details, making a valuable user experience using pictaktoe.com

Graphic Assets

Among the variety of produces pictaktoe provides, creating a unique branding was the hardest part of it. I am glad that Ishaal Khan provided a great sense of direction to the design aesthetics of Pictaktoe which later applied to individual elements of the branding.

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